After the success of the inaugural 2014 event, Griffith University’s Global Integrity Summit returns to Brisbane on October 13 and 14.

Leading experts and thinkers from around the world will consider some of the greatest global challenges of our time, placing ethics, integrity and human values at the core.

There will be conversations onhuman rights and human security; free speech, press power and journalistic integrity; climate change and climate justice; big data, privacy and surveillance; the ethical corporation of the future; and more.

The 30 diverse speakers are bold, innovative thinkers. They will bring fresh ideas to the table, inspire conversation, ask the big questions and enliven public debate.

Speakers include:

Luciano Floridi: “Google Philosopher”, Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information at Oxford, Prof. Floridi will explore a world without privacy and the ethics of the information age.

Andrew Revkin: Founder and author of Dot Earth – the award-winning environmental blog for The New York Times and Senior Fellow, Pace University, Mr Revkin will discuss the morality of climate change.

Gillian Triggs: President of the Australian Human Rights Commission, Prof. Triggs, will lead discussions on human rights, human security and Sustainable Development Goals in an ambitious plan to eradicate world poverty.

Bruce Schneier: Cryptographer, writer and internationally renowned security technologist. Live via video from the US, Mr Schneier will shine a light on the hidden battles to capture your data and control your world.

Pavan Sukhdev: “Nature’s Banker” and environmental economist, founder of GIST Advisory and former special advisor and head of the UN Environment Program’s Green Economy Initiative, Pavan will discuss his vision to reimagine the ‘corporation’ as an agent for positive change in the economy, society and natural environment.

Michael Leunig: Controversial, but much loved political cartoonist, writer, painter, philosopher and poet, Michael Leunig was declared an Australian Living Treasure by the National Trust of Australia in 1999. Michael will discuss the moral imperatives in speaking out.

Father Frank Brennan AO: Living National Treasure and Professor at Law at ACU Father Brennan will tackle the subject of a world without poverty.

Carly Nyst: Fellow and former Legal Director of Privacy International, a London-based NGO dedicated to fighting unlawful surveillance and promoting the right to privacy around the world, she will explore the implications of surveillance and tracking in wide areas of life.

Full program and speaker list.