New online Master of Marketing launched

Woman sitting cross-legged in a park looking a laptop with some books on the grass.
Students of the new online Master of Marketing can start study on their terms.

A new accelerated online Master of Marketing is the latest addition to Griffith University’s series of digital education offerings.

The program, which was launched at the start of September, reinforces the high-quality range of sophisticated options now available to professionals who want to advance their careers through further study.

This 100% online postgraduate program offers unprecedented flexibility for anyone with a business background or industry grounding to build confidence and significantly enhance their skillset.

“Our Master of Marketing students come from a truly diverse range of backgrounds,” Program Director, Dr Deborah Griffin, said.

“It can be marketing and sales, it can be multimedia, merchandising, advertising, education, retail and small business. It means that students are exposed to a valuable mix of experience while they are studying, which is a key component of our program structure.”

The accelerated program, which is delivered by the Department of Marketing at Griffith Business School, can be completed in two years part-time meaning students can integrate new knowledge into their working lives. With six intakes each year, they can start on their terms and take full advantage of the chance to network digitally with their peers.

“Along with flexibility and choice, there is also depth and diversity to the program taking it to the cutting edge of existing and emerging marketing practices,” Dr Griffin says.

“It builds and enhances skillsets with the most up-to-date theory put forward by leaders in the field. It aims to reinforce the theory that lies behind workplace practice.

“It is this theory that guides students and professionals when problem solving and decision making. They will learn to think more creatively, to handle complexity and communicate virtually.”

Dr Griffin believes it is important today for career-minded professionals to think of themselves as a multi-faceted brand with a global outlook. They have to manage themselves as a brandfor the times and in doing so they can progress their own professional development and lifelong learning.

The postgraduate program is not limited to people with degrees. Relevant industry experience is also recognised, and a new online Graduate Certificate in Marketing can be completed part-time in eight months to gain entry to the Master of Marketing.