Carbon offset a first for Australia

Business leaders have a responsibility to the communities in which they operate, says MBA Director, Associate Professor Chris Fleming.

As one of the three core values of the Griffith MBA, sustainable business practice is a key component of a student’s MBA experience.

The MBA Program also practices as it preaches, as demonstrated by the decision to offset the effect of its greenhouse gas emissions following a comprehensive and complex assessment of its emissions over a 12-month period.

A total of 433 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2-e) was attributed to the operations of the MBA program at the end of the year-long assessment. This total was offset through the purchase of certified carbon credits from three Asian-based projects supporting renewable energy and waste gas recovery.

The carbon credits cover a bundled wind power project in India (194 credits), a small scale hydropower project in China (152) and a gas recovery project in Indonesia (87).

Offsetting its carbon footprint is a first for an MBA in the country.

“This is an important move for the Griffith MBA as it is a move consistent with the core values of our MBA program,” former MBA Director, Associate Professor Nick Barter (below), said.

“In selecting projects in India, China and Indonesia we engaged with three major Asian economies as is congruent with the program’s Asia-Pacific focus.”

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The Griffith MBA has set itself apart through its three core values — responsible leadership, sustainable business practice and global orientation.

“Our MBA is driven by these values and the values of the academic staff teaching into it. These values are up front and central to every discussion with every student,” says Associate Professor Chris Fleming, recently appointed the new Griffith MBA Director.

“Business leaders have a responsibility to not only look after the balance sheet and their shareholders, but also to look after the planet and the community where they live and operate.”

Global leaders will attempt to hammer out an agreement on climate change in Paris later this year.

The assessment of Griffith MBA’s greenhouse gas emissions was carried out by Pangolin Associates, an Australian-owned energy and carbon management consultancy, and examined six activity sectors of the MBA’s operations.