Embedding sustainability into teaching and learning at Griffith just got a whole lot easier with the launch of the Sustainability Hub today (2 Sept).

TheSustainability hubis a new Learning@Griffith Organisation that provides staff and students with interactive resources on sustainability that engage and deepen understanding of sustainability across areas of environment, business, health, education, the arts and society.

Griffith University has a long history of sustainable initiatives.

It is home to the longest running Environment School in Australia, its Masters of Environmental Education was one of the first in the world and the Griffith Business School was the first Australian Business School admitted to the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative of the European Foundation for Management Development.

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) Professor Ned Pankhurst said the Hub was just the next step in the University’s commitment to sustainability.

“The real focus of the Hub is what we can do with it when it comes to Griffith’s sustainability teaching, sustainability teaching partnership and collaboration,” he said.

“Our history is one of having excellence in sustainability teaching but spread across a range of disciplines. The Hub allows us to tell stories across disciplinary boundaries.

“This is import because just about everything in real world involves transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary conversations.”

Key aims of the Hub

  1. help embed principles of sustainability into academic programs;
  2. build a strong transdisciplinary collaboration around sustainability; and
  3. support the development of high quality teaching relevant to sustainability.

To access the Sustainability Hub do the following

  1. Login toLearning@Griffith
  2. Go to theorganisationstab
  3. Enter “Sustainability hub” in the organisation search field and click”go
  4. Click on the link “Sustainability hub
  5. In the left menu click”Self enrol