Social work student on top of the world

Swimmer Madi Wilson is excited for her Olympic debut

Madison Wilson knows first-hand how hard work and determination lead to success, both as a student and a world champion swimmer.

TheBachelor of Social Work studentclaimed silver in the women’s 100m backstroke final at the 2015 FINA World Championshipsin Russia, andalso qualified sixth fastest in the 50m Backstroke. She then went on to achieve gold in the 4×100 free relay and bronze in the 4×100 medal relay.

“I went into the championships ranked second in the world but I knew it was going to be tough once we got there so I was so surprised when I came out of the race second. It is an incredible feeling.”

“I’m having a small break now then I’ll be back in training and doing a few small meets before the Olympic Trials next year.

”I guess I haven’t really looked back on all my swimming as a whole. I am proud of what I’ve done this far, but I have bigger and better dreams yet to achieve.”

Meanwhile, Madison says she loves studying online for the Bachelor of Social Work.

“I’m actually really enjoying it. I’m finding the subjects I’m doing very interesting so it’s no problem for me to concentrate and get things done. It’s a nice balance with my study and swimming so I’m happy I choose to study part time while I’m still able to compete overseas.

“I would absolutely love to work in the social work field. I’m still changing every few months as to exactly what section of social work I want to work in, but I’m excited to eventually.”