Project Safe space – spotlight on domestic violence

Professor Susan Forde
Assoc Prof Susan Forde

Federal Member for Griffith Ms Terri Butler last week launched the new Griffith University program — Project Safe Space — which provides journalism students with an intensive learning experience in reporting domestic and family violence.

An initiative of the School of Humanities’ Journalism program, Project Safe Space sees journalism and law students working together with victims and stakeholder groups to facilitate change.

Ms Butler said: “It is really wonderful to see Griffith University is engaging in two very important ways of facing up to domestic and family violence in our community, and that’s the way we talk about it and the action we take from it.”

“Project Safe Space aims to educate the community about issues surrounding domestic violence and provide a voice for victims,’’ says journalism lecturer Ms Faith Valencia.

“At the same time, it will provide journalism students with training in best-practice reporting and a better understanding of domestic violence issues.

“Our law students will have the opportunity to engage with the practical legal implications of existing laws surrounding domestic violence, and possibilities for law reform in this area.”

School of Humanities Acting Head of School Associate Professor Susan Forde said the project was immensely beneficial for both journalism and law students.

“Journalism students will be producing news stories, radio articles and television packages which will all focus on domestic violence. Everything our journalism students produce is designed to educate, raise awareness and support victims and survivors and the workers who surround them.”

“For law students, as they move into the legal fraternity they will be able to better navigate and understand that space.

“It’s going to be a very challenging and sometimes difficult experience for our students but no doubt a rewarding and enlightening one.”

Project Safe Space is working in conjunction with: