Bloomberg is a word associated with financial trading and stock markets throughout the world and it’s a word that Open Day visitors to the Nathan campus trading room will associate with Griffith Business School.

State-of-the-art Bloomberg terminals have opened up a world of market data and financial information for finance-focused business students at Griffith since its opening in early 2015.

The scope of information and data accessible through the terminals will be demonstrated during a series of trading room activities on Open Day, starting at 9am.

Commerce student Daniel Herr has eagerly embraced the opportunity to use the Bloomberg facility at Griffith University.

“It gives students the opportunity to obtain valuable first-hand experience in a real trading environment,” he says.

“Being familiar with Bloomberg is an invaluable skill which has helped me tremendously with research for the CFA challenge and the capstone unit of my degree.”

Daniel believes this type of classroom experience, which incorporates true industry practice, will distinguish his Griffith degree from other degrees into the future.

“This experience has been looked upon very favourably by recruiters.”

DHwideFor example, the Bloomberg Professional service yields access to the location of every cargo ship in the world, including information about its cargo, its route and the ports where each ship docks.

The trading room offers a wealth of knowledge and financial data beyond standard library catalogues.

Along with the financial trading room activities on Open Day, Griffith Business School lecturers will also deliver a series of presentations on commerce, international business, the Asian landscape, government and policy, and tourism and hotel management during Open Day.

Two sessions on the value and far-reaching impact of a business education in a globalised environment will be delivered at 10am and 1pm. These sessions are titled ‘Be a modern business success story’.