The future of fashion is digital

Image by QCA student Nathalie Reinholdtsen

Long gone are the days where high-end luxury brands dominate the fashion marketplace.

The latest generation of shoppers are tough customers according to Griffith University’s Dr Tim Lindgren, who leads the Fashion Design course within the Digital Media degree at Queensland College of Art.

“Younger consumers live in a digital era and are increasingly mobile, using their phones for the majority of purchases, so a brand’s online presence is absolutely vital,” he says.

“They are far more discerning and are willing to research and compare brands, which must meet their expectations.

“Australian brands are very good at telling the story of freedom of lifestyle, which is an aspect that tends to generate a high level of trust from the public.

“The importance of creating and maintaining your own local narrative and combining this with the latest in technology, such as 3D printing, is where the future of fashion is headed.

Fashion photography from Nathalie Reinholdtsen.

“Fashion designers are the newest Australian creative producers, and that’s the message we want to send to the international market

“Also, the rise of developing economies like Asia and India and the companies who will need digitally native fashion professionals moving into these spaces is generating opportunities for our graduates in these new future regions,” Dr Lindgren says.

The Fashion Design course was introduced this year and focuses on the global market, sustainable and ethical production, fashion law, social change, branding, cultural and economic significance and the development of business models.

Dr Tim Lindgren
Dr Tim Lindgren, who leads the Fashion Design course at Queensland College of Art.

Dr Lindgren has spent more than 25 years as a fashion designer and says the industry is a very different place now and will only continue to evolve as fashion merges with other fields.

“The potential with cross-over fields is growing daily, with wearable technology in sport with brands like Nike and Adidas, lifestyle products like the Apple Watch, and even imbedded health technology in clothing,” he says.

He says the way we live, is also impacting on the way we consume.

“With many people in urban cities living in smaller dwellings, the reduction in storage space is leading to even more discerning purchases,” he says.

Dr Lindgren will present demonstrations and workshops this Sunday 26 July at Open Day in the Fashion Design Studio at G06 2.12A on the Gold Coast Campus.

More information on the Fashion Designprogram.



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