The Vice President of Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine (GXUCM), one of the oldest higher education medical institutions in China, visited Griffith as part of a delegation from 9-10 June 2015. GXUCM is a higher educational institute located in Guangxi, a Chinese autonomous region in South Central China, offering studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Professor Ronald Quinn AM and Dr Yun Jiang Feng from Eskitis Institute for Drug Discovery, have been collaborating with GXTCM in Ethnic Chinese Medicines since 2012. The School of Natural Sciences is in discussion with GXUCM for articulation of Masters of Science program. A MOU between GU and GXUCM was signed earlier this year that allows for ongoing collaborations.

During the recent visit to Griffith discussions were held with both the Eskitis Institute and the School of Natural Sciences, where many synergies were to be found. During their visit, the delegates were also able to visit Compounds Australia and Nature Bank, both located at the Eskitis Institute. By harnessing the properties of natural compounds, the Eskitis Institute is focussed on developing new therapies to improve the health of individuals across the globe. Eskitis research is supported by the uniqueNature Bankresource, a storehouse of chemical diversity from the natural world. Eskitis is also home to Compounds Australia, an automated library of nearly 400,000 pure compounds from Australian chemists.

The Vice President of GXTCM, Professor Yuzhou Pang, noted during the visit ‘that GXTCM are very interested in establishing further collaboration with Griffith University’.