Developing Indonesian Business Leaders’ Capabilities through Sustainability Management

Dr Ki-Hoon Lee, Griffith Asia Institute

Dr Ki-Hoon Lee from the Griffith Asia Institute and the Department of International Business and Asian Studies has been awarded a grant for his upcoming project “Developing Indonesian Business Leaders’ Capabilities through Sustainability Management”.

“Since the impact of sustainability on business and society can be enormous in short- and long-term, it is important to shift the sustainability skill and knowledge to current and future managers and leaders.” Said Dr Lee.

“However, the impact of sustainability in business practice has been inconsistent due to socio-cultural differences and the complexity of organizational and institutional changes. A poor understanding about what constitutes sustainability practices and an initiatives obviously leads to low levels of business sustainability implementation.”

The project aims to identify and recognize the differences and complexities of sustainability integration within Indonesian business organisations.

“In particular, we want to investigate the roles of management education and training for integrating sustainability into Indonesian business organisations. We hope that by achieving a better understanding of how to integrate sustainability practices it will lead to an increase in the capability of Indonesian business leaders”

The project will be completed in collaboration with Dr Abas Supeli who completed his PhD through the School of Applied Psychology at Griffith University.

The research duo received the grant of $11,000 from Hartono Istana Teknologi in Indonesia. The company, who also goes by the name Polytron, is the largest manufacturer of electronics in Indonesia and is an award-winning market leader. The grant comes from the organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility research program; a program set up to invest in high-quality education programs and build ‘human capital’ within Indonesia.