Marketing professional Brooke Santurini secured the role of Brand Manager with the Gold Coast Suns within five years ofcompleting a double major in business management and marketing.

She recalls how she had one eye on her future career while studying for her degree at Griffith University.

“From an early stage I started thinking about how I could make the most of my university experience — ensuring I gained as much work experience as possible,” she says.

The Griffith Business School industry mentoring program led Brooke to an internship at Gold Coast Tourism, where she took up the position of Executive – Australia Marketing for Gold Coast Tourism within a year of graduating.

Brooke.largeBrooke has stayed connected with Griffith Business School where she is now a mentor to final year students of marketing, tourism and event management. “I encourage them to be proactive and to get out there and get work experience. Don’t expect it to come to you.

“It’s important to embrace opportunity, whether it’s your dream role or not, because one role very often leads to another.

“Taking part in work experience opportunities, studying hard for high marks and using the amazing careers guidance available at Griffith all assisted in building my knowledge and confidence and helped set up my life and career.

“I’m prepared to take advice on board at all times. We are continually learning and trying new things. Don’t pretend to know everything as you are not expected to.”