Jordan wins trip to LA game expo

Communications student Jordan Mitchell heads to one of the world's largest gaming expos this month.

Bachelor of Communication student Jordan Mitchell has won a prestigious Microsoft Australia competition to attend the world’s largest game trade convention, E3 Expo, in Hollywood in June.

A keen gamer, Jordan submitted a video he made and presented on how to use the new Xbox One, and within a week of entering was informed of his win.

“I was astonished and very excited,’’ he said.

“This is a rare opportunity and I want to network with the leaders of the gaming industry including the head of Xbox One, Phil Spencer.

“The week will be really about getting to know leading designers and marketers. I’m also looking forward playing games that are released six months before they reach Australia.”

While at the expo Jordan will be filmed conducting interviews and product demonstrations for the Microsoft ExpertZone website and Facebook page.

Microsoft’s ExpertZone is a business portal connects thousands of retail professionals who sell Microsoft projects.

And although action-packed, Jordan’s week in Hollywood won’t be all work with a trip to Universal Studios and a day off to sight-see.

Jordan credits the PR and marketing skills he developed at Griffith with helping him win the competition and will use the week as part of his course internship requirements.

“The practical side of the degree has really helped me develop my networking and business skills,’’ he said.

“The expo is a terrific opportunity for Jordan to utilise the practical skills and knowledge he has developed during his study while gaining credit toward his degree through his internship,’’ said Dr David Baker, Bachelor of Communications Program Director.

“It’s always gratifying to see a motivated student like Jordan being able to combine his personal interests with both his university studies and prospective employment possibilities.”

When he graduates at the end of this year, Jordan hopes to find work with a big media corporation like Microsoft or Disney.