Griffith visits Parahyangan University, Indonesia

Professor Russell Trood
Professor Russell Trood, Director of the Griffith Asia Institute

Russell Trood and Colin Brown were invited speakers at an international conference organised by the International Relations Students Association of Parahyangan University, in Bandung, Indonesia on 8 May.

The primary theme of the conference was “G-Zero : The Absence of Global Leadership”. Russell Trood’s paper addressed this theme, looking at the idea of G Zero, which had been developed by Ian Bremmer, and the many challenges the international order had faced in recent years. Colin Brown address a sub-theme of the conference, that of Indonesia’s Future Prospects in International Relations.

The conference was attended by approximately 60 people, mostly students from the Bandung area but including some from universities in Jakarta as well. Amongst the students attending were five Australians studying international relations at Parahyangan University under the auspices of the Australian Consortium for In-Country Indonesian Studies (ACICIS), of which Griffith is a member.

The Parahyangan International Relations Students Association organises similar international conferences, all conducted entirely in English, on an annual basis.

Professor Colin Brown, Griffith Asia Institute
Professor Colin Brown, Griffith Asia Institute