Bachelor of Arts student Daniel Lyons will embark on a career with the RAAF when he graduates mid-year.

As a Communications and Information Systems Controller, Daniel will manage, monitor and maintain Local Area Networks, and wide area computer networks, as well as operating communication facilities and safekeeping classified data.

“The critical thinking skills I developed throughout my Bachelor of Arts degree have definitely given me the edge in getting this role,’’ he says.

When he began his degree, Daniel was keen to further his love of literature, but soon discovered another interest.

“In my first year, I took an elective in Islamic Studies and it really challenged my pre-conceptions about Islam so I took that as another major.”

Daniel believes one of the advantages of studying a Bachelor of Arts at Griffith is the diversity of courses on offer.

“Students can study so many different courses and discover new areas of interest, which in turn provide new opportunities for learning,’’ he said.

“For me, being able to combine literature and Islamic Studies means I have a better understanding of the world.

“Literature has given me the ability to harness the power of language and improved my writing and critical reading skills, while Islamic Studies has helped me understand one of the world’s largest, and probably most misunderstood, cultures.”

Capping off his three years of study, Daniel travelled to Malaysia, Turkey, Spain and Morocco earlier this year as part of the School of Humanities Muslim World Study tour.

Led by Associate Professor Halim Rane, Daniel and 11 fellow students visited mosques, museums, historical sites, markets and other places of social, political and economic significance in each country.

“The study tour was absolutely fantastic,’’ Daniel said.

“It was so good to put what we’d learnt in class into practice and experience the culture we’d been learning about.

Daniel will take up his position with the RAAF later this year.

“The BA has really helped me get there,’’ he said.

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