James riding high with major 3D Printing honour

James Novak and his award-winning 3D-printed bicycle
James Novak and his award-winning 3D-printed bicycle

Queensland College of Art lecturer and Industrial Design PhD candidate, James Novak, has won one of the advanced manufacturing world’s most prestigious awards in additive manufacturing, also known as 3D Printing.

James, whose 3D-printed bicycle frame is earning international plaudits, received the2015 RTAM/SME Dick Aubin Distinguished Paper Award at RAPID, the world’s pre-eminent industry and academic event for 3D Printing, held this week at the Long Beach Convention Center in California.

The award recognises innovation in the application of additive manufacturing design, processes and techniques and is the latest in a series of highlights for James since he created the first version of the bike for his Griffith University Honours project last year.

His FIX3D bike is now showing as part of the Making A Difference / A Difference In Makingexhibition at the Bozar Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels, and a version is also on display at the Griffith University visitors centre on the Gold Coast campus.

James says the bike is an example of how 3D technology is providing a vision of the very near future.

The one-off, custom designed FIX3D bike frame created by James Novak.
The one-off, custom designed FIX3D bike frame

“More than anything, I’d like my work to be an example of what we should be 3D printing,” he says.

“It opens up the ability to create one-off, customisable pieces that may be lighter and stronger than traditional frames through the use of complex lattice structures.

“The bike speaks volumes on the role this technology can play in saving energy and resources in the future of mobility.”

Program Leader of Industrial Design, and Convenor of 3D Design at the QCA, Dr Jennifer Loy, says the Dick Aubin Distinguished Paper Award is a huge accolade for James and an acknowledgment of the credibility of Griffith University’s role in education on designing for 3D Printing.

“RAPID is the world-leading event in this field, drawing about 7000 attendees from academia and industry, and this award highlights design innovation in additive manufacturing that can move the industry forward,” says Dr Loy.

“It’s a fantastic honour for James and reinforces that what we are doing at Griffith in design for 3D Printing matters is innovative and is making an impact.”

Follow James and his latest work on hisEdditiveblog.

To see more, go to:https://youtu.be/iIQ8VktA-2c