Knowing what you want from your future career could be the secret to truly successful internship.

Louise Sadler studied the Master of Speech Pathology at Griffith University’s Gold Coast campus and knew she wanted the kind of position where she would see a diverse caseload with some kind of stability.

For Louise, that meant Mossman in Far North Queensland where she was part of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Stroke Care Team with a caseload that also included non-Aboriginal patients with communication and swallowing difficulties.

“I loved the experience of working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients from all over Cape York. I was able to learn a little of their languages and culture, and be able to adapt my communication style in order to provide a culturally safe experience for the patients,” she says.

“The experience was invaluable in informing me about the reality of the difficulty in providing a continuum of care for adult patients in remote places. I also got involved in outreach work, which has its own benefits and unique challenges.”

However it’s one thing knowing your own mind, but another to actually be prepared to take on the work, people and environment. Sadler credits her association with Hope4Health’s student clinical training skills sessions, plus a rigorous academic program for getting her ready.

“With extra-curricular activities such as Hope4Health’s ‘Check it Out,’ clinical skills trips to Cherbourg, and the student-run “Hope After Stroke” support group, I had a clear idea about work expectations and how to meet those challenges,” she says.

So successful was Louise, she was offered a job.

“I am now the sole speech pathologist For Queensland Health for the Cassowary Coast region, based at Innisfail Hospital with outreach to Babinda and Tully. I really enjoy it!”

“What setsGriffithapart from other Masters programs in speech pathology is the rigorous academic focus which is based around problem-based learning, simulated learning experiences and real-world application of knowledge,” Louise adds.