Design for positive change in Colombia

One of the handcrafted pieces from the creative team behind Maverik Studio.

A Gold Coast based creative duo will present the positive changes that design can bring into a community in a new exhibition highlighting the bright side of Colombia.

Alejandra (Ale) Ramirez and Anita Kuiper met while studying design at the Queensland College of Art and have since established Maverik Studio, with a focus on the production and promotion of fair trade products by bridging the gap between item and maker.

They donate 10% of all profits to two Colombian tribes — the Wayuu and the Chami Puro tribe — and this year visited the region to present their very first donation.

Handcrafts sourced from the trip alongside photos of the experience will soon be on show as the duo hopes to shed light on their passion for social work, the tribes and the vibrant culture of Colombia.

“The world needs to know that Colombia is more than a troubled past or a backdrop to pop culture films,” Ale says.

“I want viewers to fall in love with an honest, beautiful and strong Colombia and invite people to see my home through my eyes.”

Anita and Ale during their visit to donate to the Wayuu tribe in Columbia.
Anita and Ale during their visit to donate to the Wayuu tribe in Colombia.


Guests will be invited to take a piece of the exhibition home with them, with postcards depicting some of the girl’s favourite images available for free throughout the Gallery.



Maverik Studio now offers a range of creative services including graphic design, photography and artisan products.

After graduation, Ale spent almost four months in Africa using her passion to create positive change, while Anita decided to see more of the world and found herself in India.

They then had the bright idea to combine their artistic talents and multidisciplinary backgrounds to create an avenue designed to help.

These experiences combined with their contrast in culture formed the foundation for and philosophy behind their business, which they say drives them to see design from a unique perspective.

“We believe thathandmade goods have a certain uniqueness that mass produced goods can’t ever equal,” says Anita.

“By taking small steps, we hope to one day take a mammoth leap to help communities in need through assistance in education, health and TLC.”


Opening night: 7.00pm — 10.00pm, Friday 8 May

Exhibition runs from Monday 27 April to Thursday 14 May

Whitebox Gallery, Level One, Building G14, Griffith University Gold Coast Campus

Media Contact: Lauren Marino, 0418 799 544, [email protected]