Students prepare to debate international affairs

Griffith's Dylan Hubbard is Chief of Staff for BrizMUN 2015.
Griffith's Dylan Hubbard is Chief of Staff for BrizMUN 2015.

International Business student Dylan Hubbard will be kept on his toes in the build-up to BrizMUN 2015 this week, but it is an opportunity the fourth-year Griffith University student is eager to embrace.

As President and Chief of Staff of the premier tertiary Model United Nations conference in Queensland, the logistical challenge on Dylan’s plate is not insignificant.

Almost 300 delegates from Queensland, Australia, and from around the world are expected to take part in the four-day event where current international issues will be intensely debated from a variety of perspectives, with students representing UN member states, non-governmental organisations and press agencies.

Griffith Business School is among the sponsors of BrizMUN 2015.

“It is a genuine platform for students of any discipline, including international relations, business and law, to use the knowledge they are building at university in a much more practical setting that can additionally assist with their academic goals,” Dylan (22) who gained the highest grade for the Human Rights in World Politics class at Griffith’s School of Government and International Relations last year.

The Model United Nations structure allows participants to engage in realistic committee debate within a simulated UN environment that incorporates several committees of the General Assembly, the Security Council and the International Court of Justice.

Students representing their respective nations will try to reach resolutions around topics such as the militarisation of space, eradication of deadly diseases, financial bailouts and environmental crises.

“I was initially drawn to BrizMUN by the opportunity to get involved in international discourse and debate. I plan to live and work overseas in the future and I held hope that BrizMUN would help me to develop the skills needed to do so. I have not been let down.”

Career radar

A career in international policy development or campaign management for international NGOs like the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is on Dylan’s career radar.

His involvement in Model United Nations has helped Dylan to secure significant employment opportunities, such as an internship with Ashurst Australia, his former position as a volunteer coordinator for Amnesty International, and his current role as a law clerk for JBS Australia.

“I would encourage anyone who is new to university to open themselves to everything and anything. An association like BrizMUN opens up a student’s world to new people and new opportunities. Don’t be restricted by career norms; there are many avenues to develop your skills and interests, and with organisations like BrizMUN helping you to build useful skills there are few limitations.”

BrizMUN 2015 runs from April 9-12 and has attracted notable individuals like Shea Spierings, the Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations for 2015, who is the BrizMUN keynote speaker.

“Do the ‘human right’ thing and check out the BrizMUN Facebook page,” Dylan encourages any students looking for more information on BrizMUN.