Election 2015: Analysis of early exchanges

Professor Anne Tiernan has been following the early exchanges on the Queensland election trail.
Professor Anne Tiernan has drafted an Open Letter to the incoming Premier of Queensland.

With a quick-fire Queensland election campaign already near the end ofweek two, one Griffith University researcher considers the early exchanges.

ProfessorAnneTiernanfrom Griffith’s School of Government and International Relations has been looking at the impact of the early election call, the ‘symbolic’ campaigning that characterised week one and the difference between the leading parties’ campaigning styles.

Her analysis is featured on The Machinery of Government website.

ProfessorTiernandescribes Campbell Newman’s early January campaign as a high risk strategy but one which may have reaped some early rewards for the LNP.

She also explains the significance of early ‘symbolic’ campaigning which has seen the Premier presented as a strong leader, with Annastacia Palaszczuk pitched as an underdog and leader of the people.

She explores Ms Palaszczuk’s reticence around policy announcements in the lead up to today’s unveiling of Labor’s economic plan, and considers the distinctions in campaigning styles which have seen an LNP advertising blitz countered by ALP door knocking.

“When the election was called, the LNP seamlessly flowed from running Government-paid advertising on hospital waiting lists to election ads showing the LNP leadership team sitting at a table putting their finishing touches on their ‘strong plan’,” ProfessorTiernansays.

“This funding will allow them to dominate the television space, though the ALP will maintain a respectable presence during the evening viewing.

“What the ALP doesn’t have in money it will make up for in people.ALP candidates are running grassroots campaigns where they focus on door knocking and calling undecided voters.”