WOW researchers Associate Professor Mohan Thite,Professor Adrian Wilkinson, and Aston University (UK) colleague, Professor Pawan Budhwar, received the 3rd National Human Resources Development (NHRD) – Titan HR Showcase ‘ImpactfulHR[human resource] Research Award’ on the 20th September, 2014, in Bangalore, India.

With funding from the Society for Human Resource Management, the team developed and applied a framework of global HR strategies and practices in at least five Indian multinational corporations in different industries by interviewing managers in headquarters as well as their subsidiaries, in both developed and developing markets, in an effort to provide managerial insights and guidance into the motives, strategic opportunities and constraints that occur when HR policies and practices are applied through cross—national transfer.

“The rapid rise of multinational corporations from emerging economies makes it essential to develop a better understanding of the diffusion of HR practices from their perspective and away from the prevailing Western ethnocentric orthodoxy”, says Associate Professor Thite.

Mohan prepared a short presentation in response to the NHRD Award (closed captions are available; 9:53 minutes):

A copy of the Executive Report from the project can be downloaded from the Centre’s website.