Postgrad conference showcases humanities research

Slow books, post-mortem photography, the Brisbane indie music scene and the Nollywood are just a few of the papers to be presented at the Griffith University Cultural Research Postgraduate Symposium on Monday, November 17.

Hosted by the Griffith Centre for Cultural Research, the conference will showcase Griffith University PhD candidates’ research as well as presenters from other Australian and UK universities.

Convenor Lucy Baker said the conference aimed to highlight the diverse research interests being supported by universities across Australia and worldwide.

“The GCCR Symposium gives early career researchers a chance to present their research in a supportive and knowledgeable environment.

“We have such a broad range of research areas and interests, and the symposium is an excellent venue for researchers to connect with each other.”

Professor of Sociology David Inglis from Exeter University, UK will present the keynote speech on what he describes as “the curious state of sociology today”, providing a unique perspective on the current and potential future directions of sociology internationally.

Professor Inglis’s research interests include the areas of cultural sociology, social theory, historical sociology and globalisation studies. He is a member of the Academy of Social Sciences and founder and editor of the journalCultural Sociology. More information can be found here.