Revamped BA opens many doors

Picture of book and magnifying glass

For prime ministers, teachers, public servants, business executives, journalists and artists, it is the degree that has stood the test of time. The new Bachelor of Arts degree at Griffith University builds on the past and innovates for the future.

“Creative, critical and emotional intelligence coupled with a versatile skills set in research, analysis and communication make humanities graduates the ideal workers for the 21st century,’’ says Griffith University School of Humanities Head Professor Chris Lee.

“These are the qualities that will enable our next generation of graduates to prosper in a century of unprecedented change and challenge.

“Humanities skills and knowledges are practical, effective and marketable,’’ he said, citing UK research which found that humanities graduates tended to outperform more specialised graduates in the workplace over time.”

The School of Humanities has redesigned its Bachelor of Arts with 14 new majors in areas such as creative writing, history, security studies, journalism, criminal justice and Islamic studies. There is also the opportunity to unlock international opportunities by adding languages such as Mandarin or Spanish.

The BA degree is a generalist degree because it enables students to design an innovative program that works for them.

“A student might choose to study journalism, PR and creative writing or history, politics and criminal justice. Alternatively they might major in security and Islamic studies or literature and sociology,’’ Dr Lee said.

“Our students will graduate with the ability to adapt to a range of work environments and will be well positioned to take advantage of the new opportunities provided by the digital revolution. They will be a class of graduate possessed of capacity and understanding.

“Our first year adapts strategies from the US to develop a resilient, networked cohort of students who are equipped to succeed at university and in the world.”

The BA is also a cost-effective option in a rapidly changing world because it provides an interesting and enjoyable foundation degree that students can use as a springboard into a wide range of occupations, professions and higher studies.

Find out more about the Bachelor of Arts program here.