Griffith Journalism students are gearing up to provide coverage of the G20 event with the arrival of world leaders in Brisbane next month.

Journalism students will work alongside professional journalists from various media outlets in the Griffith School of Humanities Journalism Media Centre for a period of two weeks in the lead up to G20 Leaders Summit.

Third year Journalism student Audrey Courty said she is extremely excited to be a part of the G20 coverage.

Audrey Courty, Griffith Journalism student

Journalism student, Audrey Courty

“Being able to report on a high-profile, international event will allow me to flex my journalistic skills and to challenge myself even further,” Audrey said.

“The practical experience that this internship offers will be invaluable in helping me grow professionally, especially when it comes to achieving my goal of becoming a foreign correspondent.”

Operating near the heart of the event, the Griffith School of Humanities Journalism Media Centre will be located at the South Bank campus, and providing a specialist industry work placement for third-year journalism students.

Journalism student Amy Mitchell-Whittington said covering the G20 is an exceptional opportunity for Griffith students.

Journalism student Amy Mitchell-Whittington

Journalism student, Amy Mitchell-Whittington

“I feel extremely privileged to be given the opportunity to be involved in the G20 this November. It is a once in a lifetime chance to be a part of a global news network,” Amy said.

“I cannot wait to be surrounded by professional journalists covering important international issues and learn how they convey these issues to the broader public.

“I hope that I can take away a new set of skills and contacts from this internship that I can apply to my future career as a multimedia journalist.”

The Griffith Journalism Media Centre will stream media conferences throughout the event. Stay tuned for details.

Story contributed by third year Journalism student, Tamara Sydenham.