Griffith MBA group is Korea bound

Dr Nick Barter will deliver a lecture on sustainability and strategy to students of Kyung Hee University in Korea.
Dr Nick Barter

The global outlook of 11 Griffith MBA students will be extended when they take part in a five-day study tour to Korea.

The group will be guests of Kyung Hee University in Seoul where they will attend a series of lectures on the economic development of Korea and the current state of Korean business.

They will also gain an understanding of how Korean business multinationals like Samsung do business on a world stage through a number of industry site visits.

The students will also be encouraged to explore and experience Korean culture during the tour, which is supported by government AsiaBound funding.

“This tour aims to deliver on our determination to prepare global citizens with an Asia Pacific focus,” Dr Nick Barter, Director of Griffith MBA, said.

“Global orientation is a core value of the Griffith MBA, along with responsible leadership and sustainable business practice.”

Dr Barter will also deliver a lecture on sustainability and strategy to students of Kyung Hee University.

“Griffith University has an enduring Asia Pacific focus since the mid-1970s and a trip such as this reinforces this.

“The globalisation of successful Korean firms will be a central theme of this experience, and how our business graduates can learn from Korean multinationals.”

The five-day itinerary will start on Monday, September 29, when the Griffith group will tour the Seoul campus of Kyung Hee University and be special guests at a welcome dinner with students.

This will be the second MBA study tour undertaken through the AsiaBound program, after a group visited India in 2013.

The AsiaBound program provides funding for around 3600 Australian students each year to build their understanding of the significance of the Asian Century through a study experience in Asia.