Ship of Fools compelling theatre

Theatregoers are in for a unique treat when the Ship of Fools berths at South Bank in September.

The Ship of Fools is an immersive theatre piece performed by third-year Griffith University Contemporary and Applied Theatre students, which promises to take audiences on a rollicking ride along the Brisbane River.

The performance is the culmination of a year-long creative development process with the students driving the entire creative process in collaboration with director Shaun Charles.

“In years gone by we have put on an arts festival and the year before that we took shows to the Brisbane Powerhouse.The key here is that each year it’s different,’’ Shaun said.

“This year, inspired by vaudeville and the history and philosophy of Plato’s Ship of Fools, we decided to embark on an immersive theatre piece that’s set on a boat.

“By immersive we mean in a non-traditional venue and one in which the audience or Land Folk, in this case, are totally immersed in the happenings on the boat.”

With no seats, the Land Folk are free to roam for the much of the performance. They will encounter an array of characters and situations as those on The Ship of Fools struggle to create a fair and just world.

“The problem is as soon as anyone is appointed captain they turn toxic and shortly after they have to be done away with. It’s a never ending cycle of revolution.”

An allegory for the conflict in today’s world, The Ship of Fools is fun and crazy, but also violent and political.

Theatre-goers can embark The Lady in Red to immerse themselves in The Ship of Fools at South Bank from September 22-25. For more information and to book visit: