‘Predestination’ takes off in Australian cinemas

Ethan Hawke stars in the Spierig brother's latest film Predestination.

Queensland filmmakers and identical twin brothers Peter and Michael Spierig have cemented their position as unstoppable cinematic talent with their latest film released across Australia this month.

The Griffith University Film School graduates and directors, alongside fellow alumnus and producer Tim McGahan, first unveiled their time-travelling noir thriller, Predestination to audiences at SXSW in Texas earlier this year.

Starring Ethan Hawke, Noah Taylor and Australian newcomer Sarah Snook, the film is based on science fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein’s famous short story ‘All You Zombies’.

Set in the United States (but filmed in Melbourne), the story which Peter describes as “an intimate story about identity,” follows a time travelling agent who receives one final assignment — to capture a criminal who has eluded him throughout time.

The Spierig Brothers, who wrote and directed Predestination, are now happily riding the wave of positive reviews in their home country.

“We couldn’t be more proud of Predestination. It was a dream project for the both of us and we are extremely excited about its Australian release.”

Producer Tim McGahan couldn’t agree more.

“It seems a long way from the old days at Griffith Film School dreaming of maybe one day making feature films, but here we are with a film that we are very excited to present to audiences all around the world,” he says.

Peter and Michael made their directing debut in 2003 with Undead, and rose to fame with their second film Daybreakers (2010) starring Ethan Hawke and Willem Dafoe, for which they won their country’s top prize for Best Visual Effects at the Australian Film Institute Awards.

Tim too has had success in his own right since graduating, becoming the youngest ever Australian cinematographer to be accredited by the Australian Cinematographers Society.

With a focus on creating world-class content and creating sustainable businesses Tim is the owner of Filmlighting a large lighting equipment company and the Managing Director of the Blacklab group of companies, a producing powerhouse that produces TV Commercials, Television and Feature Films. Blacklab’s most recent television project WAC: The World Animal Championships has recently sold to Discovery Asia and Disney in the UK.

Predestination is now screening nationally.

Reviews for Predestination:

‘A dizzying tale of manipulation, paradoxes, and destiny unfolds — a work of mad genius.’ — Nick Dent, Brisbane News

‘[Sarah Snook’s] performance here is astonishing; nuanced, poised and moving.’ —Paul Byrnes,Brisbane Times

‘It’s clarity of storytelling distinguishes it; its desire to entertain and its delight in obfuscation are held in a fine, shrewd balance’ —Shane Danielsen,SBS.com.au

‘[The filmmakers] have created a genuinely original, staggeringly clever and tremendously entertaining thriller’ — David Stratton, At The Movies

‘One of the few truly thought-provoking science-fiction thrillers to emerge in the last few years. Snook and Hawke are excellent.’ — Chris Bumbray, JoBlo.com

Predestination is the kind of film that gives sci-fi fans a warm glow inside.’ — Jason Di Rosso, The Final Cut, Radio National