To be selected for the program, we initially wrote an essay on a topic relating to one of the identified core themes – improving human life, powering future economies, tourism’s new frontiers, and cities of the future.

Out of approximately 129 submissions, those of us were lucky enough to be selected for the program, and invited to hone our ideas by sharing them in this forum here today.

From here, we will now take this invaluable feedback to prepare to present as groups in a larger format at the Student Leadership Conference in September.

If you ask any one of us here today, you will notice that being a G20 Scholar means something different to each of us.

For example, a few scholars noted the positive impact participating in this program can have for their future career, networks and other job opportunities, even including our opportunity to pass this knowledge and experience on to future students who are also interested in world events.

Unique opportunity

One scholar aptly mentioned that this program provided a unique opportunity to further develop leadership qualities required for future commitments and to explore the applicability and practicability of our G20 ideas, which seems quite appropriate and suitable.

Personally, I’d like to gain exposure to new ideas and perspectives from other disciplines and to gain a deeper insight into what role the G20 and other pre-eminent international forums and organisations play in our everyday lives. Participating in the program will also give me an opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas that will hopefully influence others for good.

Speaking for the group, I believe it has given us a greater sense of purpose and understanding of not only what we can accomplish as students, but it has also given us a clearer vision of what we hope to accomplish in our future careers and lives.

Pro Vice Chancellor Professor Sarah Todd once mentioned that participating in the G20 Scholar program will provide us with an environment where we can refine our cross-cultural skills and experience by discussing and debating our G20 ideas with peers and experts from all over the world.

Deeper understanding

This would subsequently develop in us a deeper understanding of the global, economic and other challenges faced by G20 leaders throughout the world. I believe we’ve seen a glimpse of this here today, and that this forum of ideas will serve as a platform for further growth and development of ourselves, careers, ideas and goals moving forward.

As the premier global economic forum, the G20 isn’t perfect, and unfortunately, as I’m sure we’ve discovered here today, neither are our ideas. But hopefully, by coming together as individuals, our collective ideas can be harnessed and further developed to make a substantial and meaningful impact on the community and beyond as we consider the role our ideas play in creating a better world.