With recent statistics ranking people with Engineering degrees among the highest earning university graduates, Griffith University’s Aptitude for Engineering Assessment (AEA) could be the avenue to an important, creative and well-paid professional career.

The AEA program is offered by Griffith as a pathway into Engineering, with successful applicants earning guaranteed admission into the Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Engineering Technology degrees at the Nathan or Gold Coast campuses.

Registration for the 2014 AEA examination (for enrolment in 2015) closes at 5pm AEST on Tuesday, September 9, with testing to be held on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton and Bundaberg on Saturday, September 20.

The examination is open to current Year 12 students, mature age and international applicants who may not have the prerequisite course or tertiary entrance score, or who wish to have their aptitude for Engineering considered with their school or documented results.

It comprises a multiple choice test that gauges a candidate’s aptitude to think scientifically, solve quantitative problems, critically analyse information and display interpersonal understanding.

A golden opportunity

Gold Coast student Daniel Schulte-Low is in the second year of a Mechanical Engineering degree made possible by the AEA initiative.

“This program was a golden opportunity for me. I always wanted to study Engineering but most likely would have missed out,” says the 29-year-old qualified fitter and turner.

“Since starting my degree after coming through the AEA examination, my experience in the workforce has been an asset to my study and now I want to expand my personal and professional horizons.

“Eventually I’d like to apply my degree to working in green energy or automotive concepts. I could not have considered that without the AEA program.”

First-year Civil Engineering student Samuel Huddy, 19, also secured his place at Griffith through the AEA examination and particularly recommends it to Year 12 students interested in Engineering but concerned about their chances of tertiary acceptance.

“That’s what’s great about this program. It’s not just about your TE score. It’s about recognising and rewarding aptitude,” says Samuel.

Griffith University offers a range of Engineering disciplines, including Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Sport and Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Environmental Engineering, Software Engineering, Electronic and Energy Systems and Electronic and Computer Engineering.

All are viable career options, as demonstrated by an analysis of Australian census data conducted by Group of Eight universities, released in July and which placed Engineering graduates alongside medical, law, building and IT graduates with regard to highest post-tertiary employment and earning levels.

AEA examination applicants must register online. For all details, go to http://www.acer.edu.au/aea