Many pathways to study

Year 12 students gearing up for theQueensland Core Skills test should do their best but remember individual results are not used on their own to calculate OPs.

That’s the advice from Griffith University Arts, Education & Law Dean (Learning & Teaching), Professor Glenn Finger.

The Queensland Core Skills test is an annual test for Year 12 students which contributes information for the calculation of Overall Positions (OPs) and Field Positions (FPs), used to rank students for tertiary entrance.

“Schools provide support in preparing students for this test, and the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) provides helpful advice to schools, students and their parents in understanding the test,” he said.

“The QCAA provides reassurance by outlining that it’s a myth for students to think that if they didn’t do well on the QCS result, this will result in a low OP.

“What really still matters most is the student’s results in Authority subjects, and are informed by comparisons provided by the subject achievement indicators (SAIs).”

Griffith University has a variety of pathways to entry including the OP 1-6 guarantee, Griffith University Early Start to Tertiary Studies program (GUESTS), Maths C or LOTE Admission Scheme, Regional Preference Schemes, the Elite Athletes Scheme and upgrading through a degree or other study.

“There are many options to consider and we’d encourage any prospective students to make contact with us so we can help them to find the right pathway.”