A brush with Asia: tales, talent and tripods

Photograph from the Jalan-Jalan exhibition, courtesy of QCA student Emily Ostler.

After being submersed in the rich culture of Indonesia and Singapore for three weeks, 13 students from the Queensland College of Art have expressed, interpreted and reflected upon their experiences for the Jalan-Jalan exhibition opening soon.

The works comment on the meeting of artistic minds as students joined with many of the professional and emerging artists of the region, and explored traditional life, culture and religious practices.

Jalan-Jalan means to ‘travel’, ‘sightsee’ or ‘walking’, and according to QCA Galleries Coordinator Cassandra Lehman-Schultz, aptly describes the new work that resulted from this incredible experience.

“The tour consisted of three jam-packed weeks being guided through Bali, Jogjakarta and Singapore, with visits to Hindu and Buddhist monuments, traditional and contemporary art spaces and studios, performances and workshops,” she says.

“South East Asia has fast become a truly integral part of the global arts industry and we will continue to foster links and ongoing engagement with the region.”

Cassandra organised and led the initiative for the students along with Elizabeth Shaw, Convenor of Fine Art at the QCA. Both women will now curate the exhibition set to open in September.

They describe highlights of the journey as:

  • Taking part in an ancient purification ritual in a 15th Century temple, Tampak Siring, where the group was instructed in the making of traditional offerings and given the opportunity to wear traditional dress;
  • A guided tour through the privately owned museums and home of Dr Oei Hong Djien;
  • Visiting the studio of artist, Heri Dono, where students were invited to collaborate with him in a spontaneous Wayang Kulit/gamelan performance;
  • Guided tours through the stunning galleries and museums of Singapore, including the NUS museum, the Asian Civilisations Museum and the Singapore Art Museum, which boasts the largest collection of South East Asian Art in the world.

Following the success of this year’s trip, plans are underway to replicate the journey for students in 2015.


Opening 6 — 8pm, Friday 19 September 2014

Exhibition runs from 17 September — 4 October

Project Gallery, QCA, 226 Grey St, South Bank

10am – 4pm, Tuesday to Saturday

Students who took part in the trip and will now display their works in Jalan-Jalan include: Aishla Manning, Amelina Trainor, Annelize Mulder, Cholena Hughes, Emily Ostler, Helen Moriarty, Jemma O’Brien, Jo Rees-Jones, Maree Heard, Marisa Georgiou, Orianne Lardelli-Koster, Sarah Smith, and Victoria Finnerty.

The Queensland College of Art cohort during their three week brush with Asia.
The Queensland College of Art cohort during their three week brush with Asia.