Combating corruption and promoting integrity is the focus of an international summit exploring the ethics dimensions of the G20.

Hosted by Griffith University, the Global Integrity Summit on September 9 and 10 will bring together some of the world’s most influential people to debate key issues facing the world today in the lead-up to the G20 in November.

“Integrity experts from G20 nations will gather to understand those integrity challenges and suggest ways the G20 can address them,’’ said Professor Paul Mazerolle, Chair of the GIS steering committee.

“The summit will also explore the under-recognised role of professions in promoting better governance standards and the search for global values to address global problems.”

More than 30 leading international and domestic integrity and ethics experts will present, or take part in discussions on issues includingcorruption, infrastructure, secrecy and transparency, financial regulation, tax erosion and profit shifting, and strengthening development over the two days.

The agenda also examines integrity in development, recognising the importance of empowering women and ensuring integrity and institutional frameworks that foster economic development in developing nations.

Speakers include:

  • Anthony Toft (US) Deputy General Counsel Operations in the Legal Vice Presidency, World Bank
  • Rajita Kulkarni (India), President of the World Forum for Ethics in Business
  • Sandra Elena (Argentina) Director of Justice & Transparency at the Center for the Implementation of Public Policies
  • Geoffrey Robertson QC, international human rights barrister

For more information and a full list of speakers

WHAT: Global Integrity Summit
WHEN: September 9 & 10
WHERE: Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University, South Bank.
MEDIA: Deborah Marshall, 0413 156 601