How advances in DNA sequencing technology are positively impacting the futureof medicine and health. This is the discussion focus onMonday (Aug18) as Professor John Mattick,the director of The Garvan Institute of Medical Research arrives at the GriffithHealth Institute to headline a public lecture on the topic.

Internationally known for his work on the human genome, Professor Mattick willdiscuss how new genomically informed approaches to healthcare delivery management will fuel a drive towards personal health optimisation through earlyidentification and targeted treatment of individuals at risk of disease.

“Extraordinary advances in DNA sequencing technology have brought the basecost of human genome sequencing down from around $1 billion decade ago to$1,000 today,” says Professor Mattick.

“This is providing unparalleled insights intohuman genetic variation and the molecular basis of inherited disease, cancer andother complex conditions that comprise the major health burden of ourcommunity.

Challenges on health systems

“Health systems worldwide are being challenged by aging populations, thegrowing burden of chronic disease and rapidly increasing medical costs.

“In increasing numbers of cases, sequencing technologies are leading to lifesaving or life-informing outcomes. Soon, sequencing of children with geneticdiseases, pharmacogenomic screening of individuals who may be prescribeddrugs known to cause adverse reactions, and sequencing of cancer biopsies willbecome standard to inform diagnosis and treatment.”

Professor Mattick expects that within a decade or so, most people will have theirpersonal genome sequence included in electronic medical records, used for disease risk mitigation and personal health optimisation.

“This will transform medicine and healthcare and provide enormous benefits forindividuals, communities, health economics and national prosperity,” he says.


The Transformational Impact of Genomics on Medicine and Healthcare is apart of the 2014 Griffith Health Institute Seminar Series. WHEN: Monday August 18, 5pm – 6.00pm, refreshments from 4pm. WHERE: Griffith University, Gold Coast campus, G17 Lecture Theatre 3. rsvp [email protected] for catering purposes