WANTED: Happy healthy people

High-level health and happiness is the focus of a new Griffith University study.

With the support of an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) scholarship and agrant from Griffith’s Population and Social Health Research Program, PhDcandidate Connie Allen is aiming to gain a better understanding of the way thathappy healthy people conceptualise, obtain and maintain this way of being.

“I am hoping that this research will give us a better idea of the way that reallyhealthy happy people experience the world. What does high-level wellness meanto these people? How did they get to this point? How do they stay that way?”

“The answers to these questions could help less healthy happy people to flourish,by providing a greater sense of possibility for themselves and their communities,and practical ideas to support their own wellness journeys. This information couldbe useful for community members, helping professions, organisations andgovernments.

“I love the idea of learning from people who are already living the types of livesthat the rest of us want to live.”

The study is seeking around 40 South East Queensland adults who feelparticularly healthy and happy.

“People who choose to participate in this study will just need to talk about theirwellness experiences in a 60 minute interview. This will occur at a time and placethat suits participants.

“I will be comparing the information that each participant provides to see if thereare any similarities in the way that they describe their experiences. This will helpme develop a new theory of high-level wellness based on real life experiences.

“I can’t wait to start meeting more happy healthy people to find out what they canteach us,” says Ms Allen.

Please contact Connie Allen if you would like to participate in this study or find outmore about it. You can email her at [email protected] or telephone
0403 831 008.

Additional information is available at www.wellnesswayfinders.com.au