For athlete and musician Lisa Stick, teaching was a natural progression from her love of sport and music.

“I’ve always aspired to be a health and physical educator and I chose Griffith because it was the only university in the Brisbane region that offered both of my subject areas of health and physical education and music,” she said.

In her first year of university, Lisa undertook a five-day prac at Cannon Hill Anglican College which led to her being employed by the school as a netball and volleyball coach.

Indeed, she has amassed an impressive list of sporting achievements throughout her time at Griffith including coaching accreditation in athletics and a bronze medallion in lifesaving and swimming, in addition to her netball, volleyball and swimming coaching.

Lisa was part of the Queensland Open Mixed 2014 netball team and plays in the state league. Amid all this activity, Lisa also found time to mentor first-year health and physical students.

When she’s not on the sporting field she likes to indulge her love of music.

Playing the flute from a young age, Lisa said being a teacher allowed her to share her passion for both sport and music.

“One of the best things about teaching is seeing the students faces when a concept or skill just clicks.”

Once she graduates Lisa wants to continue to inspire the next generation of sports enthusiasts in her role as a health and physical education teacher at Cannon Hill Anglican College.

“So much of modern life for students is spent in front of a computer screen and I want to encourage young people to use their bodies in a positive and healthy way, to enjoy exercise and be involved in sport.”

Lisa graduated with more than 300 Arts, Education & Law students at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on July 31.