American Physical Society announces outstanding referees for 2014

Michael Hall, a research fellow in the Centre for Quantum Dynamics (CQD), was one of the 143 physicists named by the American Physical Society this year as an Outstanding Referee, out of a pool of about 60 000 currently active referees worldwide. He joins CQD members Howard Wiseman and David Pegg, who were similarly recognised in 2009 and 2008 respectively. Griffith University is the only Australian institution to have three awardees.

Michael joined Griffith University in 2011, and works on applications of esoteric quantum effects to the real world – such as using the Heisenberg uncertainty principle to flummox eavesdroppers trying to steal information. He is currently part of an ARC Discovery Project aimed at the robust exploitation of quantum entanglement over long distances, for the purposes of unconditionally secure communication.