Christine rides world championship career wave

Internship student Christine Turnbull on Surfing WCT tour

Bachelor of Arts student Christine Turnbull is riding her way into a new career following an internship with the Quicksilver Pro surfing World Championship Tour (WCT).

In conjunction with the School of Humanities Internship program,Christine recently completed an internship with the Broadcast Team at this year’s surfing WCT.

Christine says, throughout the internship she received a number of opportunities.

“When I was on tour with the Associationof SurfingProfessionals (ASP) on the Australian leg of the World Championship Tour I had many opportunities to work with the production side of the media as well as with the surfers,” says Christine.

“I started out as a general production assistant but the more you’re around the more you get exposed to,’ she says.

Stage managing was the budding communications star’s next task, with responsibilities such as directing heavyweight surfers and preparing them for shoots.

“I was bossing around superstars such as Peter Mel and Mark Occhilupo on set,” says Christine.

“I also had the opportunity to do stage makeup and met all the surfers by doing their makeup and setting up their mics.”

Christine completed a 17-day work experience stint at this year’s Quiksilver Pro and impressed broadcast producers so much they asked her to be part of the Broadcast Team at the Margaret River and Bells Beach events.

“Overall it was a great opportunity Griffith University gave me and has led me on a new career path that is exciting and unique,” says Christine.

”I will be pursuing a career next year with the ASP which may have me traveling the globe following surf tours.”

Read more of Christine’s adventures on twitter:@StudentOnTour