Far from being just the stuff of science fiction, artificial intelligence is set to help us overcome some of the greatest challenges of the 21st century and beyond.

Professor Michael Blumenstein, Head of Griffith’s School of Information and Communication Technology, will explain how this is taking place during a free public lecture at Griffith’s Gold Coast campus on 2 April 2014.

In the latest IMPACT @ Griffith Sciences Lecture, Professor Blumenstein will discuss the science that underpins modern artificial intelligence and how this field is gathering momentum with the emerging information powerhouse of ‘big data’.

For the past 18 years Professor Blumenstein has been researching technological innovation based on machine learning and pattern recognition, and it is being used to solve complex problems in fields such as environmental science, engineering, neurobiology and coastal management.

“This free public lecture will explore ground-breaking developments in computer vision, automated pattern recognition and artificial intelligence in the context of the big challenges facing our world today and into the future”, Professor Blumenstein said.

“We already know of a myriad of applications for this processing power, from the early diagnosis and treatment of such brain disorders as Parkinson’s disease; to safely managing and predicting the deterioration of bridges; as well as forecasting floods and enhancing our understanding of the environment.”

“And doubtless in the future, the limitless capacity of artificial intelligence will be harnessed in ways we haven’t even thought to of yet.”

When: Wednesday 2 April, 2014, 6:00 — 7:00pm

Where: Griffith University Gold Coast Campus, Glycomics Building, G26_4.09

To book for this free event go tohttp://www.griffith.edu.au/events/impact-lecture-series/registration