Orientation is about finding your way

O-week welcome Feb 2014
Welcome to O-week at Griffith

New students will experience their first taste of campus life as the tradition ofO-week returns to Griffith University from today.

About 11,500 domestic and international students will commence their undergraduate courses this semester and we are expecting up to 80 per cent of those students to join us for Orientation Week.

Ahead of the new academic year, O-week is the time for ‘first timers’ to explore their campus, make new friends and meet some of the lecturers and tutors who will be teaching them for the next couple of years.

Orientation and Transition coordinator Gayle Brent-Buchbach says O-week is the best chance to find your way around campus and prepare for the year ahead.

“Starting university for the first time should be an exciting experience but it can also be a bit daunting for both local and international students,” said Gayle.

“In order to help students overcome those early nerves, we provide a fun and informative O-week experience so students can ease into life at Uni and know what to expect.”

O-week at Griffith includes special events, market days and workshops to help new students settle in to the campus environment.

This year students also have the opportunity to join the Ultimate O-week Challenge, where every event you attend offers the chance to become one of our Ultimate O-week Champions.

Be sure to join Griffith’s Facebook and Twitter during O-week 2014 for all the latest news and updates. www.facebook.com/griffithuniversity and follow twitter.com/Griffith_Uni.

You can else keep up-to-date with orientation activities at –https://www.facebook.com/GriffithOrientation