Griffith University has called for papers to be submitted for the first East-West Dialogue on Tourism and the Chinese Dream to be hosted on the Gold Coast later this year.

The high-level, bilateral discussions will bring together more than 100 representatives of Australian and Chinese government, education and research institutions, and the tourism industry.

The plan for the Dialogue is being developed and structured by Professor Susanne Becken, Griffith Institute for Tourism with Professor Dave Weaver, GIFT, and Dr Peiyi Ding, Deputy Director of Griffith’s Tourism Confucius Institute.

Headshot of Susanne Becken, Griffith University“Papers will focus on what the China Dream is about and how tourism can facilitate the dream,” Professor Weaver said.

The inspirational ‘China Dream’ slogan was used liberally by new Chinese President Xi Jinping in his first address as head of state last March, and has been at the heart of a Chinese state media campaign since then.

It involves themes of national renewal, rejuvenation, development, prosperity and peace, while also encouraging greater engagement between China and other nations through international trade and economic development.

The East-West Dialogue will discuss how tourism can engage with the China Dream to the economic benefit of both countries.

“It is important to understand Chinese tourists and their needs,” Professor Susanne Becken (left), director of GIFT, said.

“The combination of GIFT, the Tourism Confucius Centre and a key tourist destination like the Gold Coast makes this an ideal location to host this dialogue. We are to the forefront and in a strong position to work with the Chinese tourism authorities.”

China is expected to be the fourth-largest source of outbound travel in the world by 2020, with 100 million travellers.

Australia hosted 827,624 Chinese group visitors in 2012. The Chinese inbound tourism market has become the third largest market for Australia.

The East-West Dialogue takes place in November 2014, in the lead-up to the G20 Leaders Summit starts in Brisbane.

David Weaver, Griffith University, in white T-shirt in a wooded setting.“Economic issues are at the heart of the G20 and the tourism industry is a major part of the world economy. In addition, China will be a big player at the G20 Summit,” Professor Weaver (left) said.

“Through the Dialogue, we will also ask if tourism inhibits or hinders the Chinese Dream. To what extent is a middle-aged Chinese couple on holiday in Australia living the China Dream?”

The East-West Dialogue takes place from November 13-15, 2014.