Seeing Cambodia through UNICEF’s eyes

Photo from United Nations Multimedia. (Photographer Kibae Park).
Photo from United Nations Multimedia (photographer Kibae Park).

Jameson Clifton, Kimberley McCosker and Peter Farmer will jet off to Cambodia for three weeks in January to document the work of UNICEF alongside the country’s vibrant culture and personalities through a series of intimate, personal photo journeys.

The Griffith University Queensland College of Art students will be accompanied by Nobel Prize winner, photojournalist John Rodsted who will supervise and guide the project along with acclaimed QCA lecturers Earle Bridger and Heather Faulkner.

Post-trip, the students plan to share their images of Cambodia and the tireless work of UNICEF through a full-colour printed photographic publication entitled ‘At Crossroads’, for international distribution with all profits to be given back to the not-for-profit.

The trio hope that the publication will showcase the incredible work of UNICEF Cambodia while introducing the vibrant culture, personalitiesand stories found in the country.

While on the ground, they will work closely with UNICEF Cambodia staff and volunteers to document the role the organisations plays in communities around the country.

They also plan to spend time with the individuals who participate in and benefit from UNICEF projects, to see first-hand the impact these projects have on communities.

Jameson, Kimberley and Peter all describe an affinity towards humanitarian aid and a passion for documenting and raising awareness of events and consequences of human actions.

Their project At Crossroads: takes place from January 10 — 31, 2014, with an exhibition also planned for early next year along with the book’s launch to the national and international market.

Learn more about At Crossroads: UNICEF’s Work in the Kingdom of Wonder through their website: or follow the trio on facebook.