Creative Industries Networking Event, Careers and Employment Service, September 2013

The Creative Industries Networking event hosted by the Careers and Employment Service at the Griffith University Queensland College of Art in September was an enormous success, attended by about 100 students and industry representatives from Design, Fine Art, Games Design, Photography and Film and Television. Set against the stunningly lit backdrop of Brisbane City, the room was charged, the atmosphere electric and the panel speakers engaging and real.
The event gave students the opportunity to network with professionals in their future fields and hear invaluable advice from the eight panel speakers (Peter Florentzos, Veronica Fury, David Hinchcliffe, David Kelly, Helen Ma, John Passfield, Cathy Rodda, Giulio Saggin). The panel provided expert tips on how to break into the Creative Industries and where they believed the future of their industries are headed. The theme of the night was “Creative Industries: The Future” including a visit from Dr. Who’s David Tenant and the Tardis.