Ten top talents from five different conservatories around the world will join together to officially open the 5th IMC World Forum on Music in Brisbane next week.


Dutch Director Gosse de Kort and Australian colleague Vanessa Tomlinson will collaborate with the young musicians in an event that will explore and question the very act of openings!


For this dedicated, free public open-air performance, the musicians will use the stages, stairs, balconies and terraces of the Parklands entrance of Queensland Conservatorium Griffith Universityas their stage.


It will bring together Lucas Kramer, Robin Coops (Royal Conservatoire, The Hague), Christopher Doyle, Mary Chalk (Schulig School of Music, Montreal), Caiomhe de Paor (Guildhall School of Music and drama, London), Aino Kurki Teri Mantere (Sibelius Academy, Helsinki), and Tsoof Baras, Brodie Macallister, Leah Barclay and Lily Hubbard (Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University).


This production has been made possible through the Pentacon network: five conservatoires and schools of music collaborating for five years on five major themes to respond to contemporary realities in the music profession.


Director Gosse de Kort says this official opening event of the World Music Forum explores the very act of opening itself.


“The piece is about how time, space and movement are used during an opening ceremony and how artists from different music and art disciplines relate to an act of opening.


“Don’t expect a traditional theatrical form with the usual story line and a clear hierarchy but rather different visions, acts and movements at the same time, allowing the audience to create their own story and version of the piece by connecting the different elements in a more personal way.


“We will explore the long tradition of opening acts to artistically digest and turn them into a one-off, site-specific theatre piece.”


The 10 students will join with the Directors during an intense workshop to develop ideas and concepts before focusing their attention on-site to re-arrange, compose and edit the material according to the space where the piece will be presented.


Dot Enter is directed by Gosse de Kort with Vanessa Tomlinson, assisted by Lynn Koek. With special thanks for additional support to the Royal Conservatoire, The Hague and the Leiden Academy of Performing and Creative Arts.


WHEN: 5.30pm Thursday 21 November

WHERE: South Bank Parklands entrance of Queensland Conservatorium