Griffith MBA launches video innovation

Griffith MBA is trialling online video interviewing.

Video interviews are set to enhance the MBA admissions process at Griffith University.

A trial online interviewing platform will be launched this week, and signals further advancements for the Griffith MBA in 2014 when a combination of online study and face-to-face classes will be on offer to students.

Nick Barter, Director Griffith MBA, head and shoulders“This project has the potential to help us to connect with the highest quality candidates,” Dr Nick Barter (left), Director of Griffith MBA, said. “If the trial period is successful, we are confident that video interviews will enable us to identify the best talent with ease.”

The Kira Talent system is designed for third level education institutes and allows managers to record video questions and send them to candidates by email.

RETURN TO STUDY: MBA online information session tonight

Candidates reply using video, allowing them to use presentation skills not demonstrated in a written application.

“It simulates a real interview experience so we can assess the communication skills of the candidate, their ability to think quickly and to present competently and concisely.

“It is exceptionally important for MBA candidates to display such sharp communication skills.

“Kira can also give us a good idea of the digital competence of a candidate. The modern MBA student is expected to be very comfortable with digital media and associated communication techniques.”

Griffith MBA aims to be the first Australian university to introduce video interviews to its online application process. It is used by business schools in Canada and Britain.

“This latest initiative is another step towards an education experience that is fully flexible for the Griffith MBA student, following the launch of the MBA App and MBA for Life earlier this year,” Dr Barter said.

Candidates will have the option of a practice run to test webcam and microphones before answering three to five questions in a simulated video interview.

“It saves time and it saves money. It also has the potential to connect us with top quality candidates overseas and interstate,” Dr Barter said.

“The Griffith MBA embodies three key values, responsible leadership, sustainable business practice and global orientation. This makes our MBA an increasingly attractive option not only for applicants based in Australia, but also on an international level.”

The Griffith MBA has been rated among the country’s best in two separate surveys this year.

After ranking inside Australia’s top 10 in the 2013 Financial Review BOSS Magazine MBA survey, the Griffith MBA also retained its 5-star rating from the Graduate Management Association of Australia (GMAA).

Dr Nick Barter will host an online information session on the Griffith MBA tonight (October 22) at 7pm, as part of Griffith’s Return to Study week.