World’s leading student researchers

PhD candidate Chelsie Rohrscheib and student forum organiser Michael Todorovic
PhD candidate Chelsie Rohrscheib and International Student Research Forum organiser Michael Todorovic

Research students from around the world converged on Griffith’s Gold Coast campus this week for the 2013 International Student Research Forum (ISRF).

More than 50 students, from prominent universities such as The Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Nebraska, University of Tokyo, University of Southern Denmark and, of course, Griffith University came together from October 14 – 15 to present their work in the Life and Medical Sciences.

Griffith student organiser Michael Todorovic said the annual forum provided upcoming scientists with the opportunity to collaborate and build important networks.

“These research students not only have international exposure but also the chance to forge new and lasting associations, both professional and personal,” Michael Todorovic said.

“This forum is also a showcase of world-class education and research,” he said.

Just some of the student presentations included;

  • Griffith PhD candidate Chelsie Rohrscheib’s research into the relationship between gut bacteria and brain function. In particular, she is looking at how changes to normal bacteria levels may be linked with a number of neurological disorders such as anxiety, depression, autism, and schizophrenia.
  • Marie-Laure Vial from Griffith’s Eskitis Institute shared her work on the search for natural compounds to combat Parkinson’s disease.
  • One of the major health problems associated with HIV is that it can enter the nervous system and cause neurological disorders. Visiting USA student researcher, Aditya Bade presented his work into developing a test to distinguish between general neurological disorders and those caused by HIV.

The first International Student Research Forum was held at the Institute of Medical Science, Japan in 2005 and each year the forum is hosted by one of the member universities. This is the second time Griffith has hosted the event.