Engineering student claims prize in global presentation competition

Riccardo Campione from the Griffith School of Engineering
Riccardo Campione from the Griffith School of Engineering, Gold Coast

Written by Amy Brticevich

Fifth year Mechatronic Engineering student Riccardo Campione has claimed second prize in the recent ‘Present Around the World‘ Queensland final.

Convened by the Institution of Engineering and Technology, the competition is open to university engineering – primarily electronic – students in their last year of study.

Mr Campione’s presentation was based on a project he is undertaking for Schneider Electric, where he is working as part of Griffith’s Industrial Affiliates Program.

“I’m designing a demo showing Schneider Electric’s different automation software packages and how they can be used to not only run factories, but actually manage a factory’s usage,” Mr Campione said.

“The demo will be used to educate food and beverage manufacturers around Australia and hopefully worldwide, as to how they can use already existing automation software to get on top of their energy usage and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

Students competing in the Present Around the Worldcompetitionare judged both on their ability to effectively communicate the technical content of their project and on their answers to questions asked in relation to it.

Mr Campione’s decision to enter the Present Around the Worldcompetition was helped along by a desire to showcase the work of the Griffith School of Engineering.

“I saw this as an opportunity to represent Griffith and our School of Engineeringand to show the engineering community the great work we’re doing with industry”.

The undertaking of his project for Schneider Electric and his success at the competition has helped to solidify Mr Campione’s goals for the future.

“This has shown me that automation and energy management is the area I’d love to move into in my engineering career,” Mr Campione said.

“I’d like to be a hardworking and active member of the engineering and wider community, contributing my technical knowledge and skills towards making life better for everyone.”

The Present Around the Worldis an international competition culminating in a Global Final to be held in London in November 2014.