Experiencing the worlds of health, science and engineering

ConocoPhillips Experience - Dune Care excursion
ConocoPhillips Experience - Dune Care excursion (L to R) Lara Durack, Natalie Durack, Kirsten Fernance, Brook Jensen (YSA) and Rebecca Skurrie.

More than 50 Gold Coast high school students from years 9 and 10 took time out from their holidays recently to attend the ConocoPhillips Science Experience 2013 at Griffith.

Hosted by Griffith University from 1-3 October on the Gold Coast campus, the ConocoPhillips Science Experience offered a comprehensive program of events to inspire high school students who may be considering a career in health, science or engineering.

The students found themselves working alongside leading Griffith staff members from the schools of medical science, dentistry and oral health, pharmacy, engineering and the Centre for Coastal Management during lab activities, workshops and excursions.

Being the Gold Coast, one of the highlights of the experience was a visit to the beach for ‘Dune Care’ where they learned about coastal and environmental management and planted trees under the guidance of volunteers from the Young Scientists of Australia.

Griffith Bachelor of Science student and member of the Young Scientists of Australia, Brook Jensen, said it was great to see how much fun the students were having during the activities.

“The students love it, because it’s not like any classroom that they are used to. They’ve been playing with slime, building bridges and now we’re planting trees to help protect the beach.”

Twin sisters, Natalie and Lara Durack from Rivermount College at Yatala, said they were really looking forward to day three, when they would get to tour the new Griffith Health Centre.

“We’re really looking forward to seeing the big, new health building with all the new medical and dental labs.”

The ConocoPhillips Science Experience 2013 on the Gold Coast was supported by the national ConocoPhillips Science Experience, the Young Scientists of Australia (Brisbane), the Australian Science Teachers Association, The GODA Foundation, Rotary District Clubs, Griffith University Student Equity Services, plus Griffith University technical and administrative staff, postgraduate and final year students.