Viewers choice in the art of science

Image #6 by Brenton Cavanagh - Nervous rat
Image #6 by Brenton Cavanagh - Nervous rat, is just one of many striking images to be seen at the Collectors Cafe in the Queensland Museum.

There are only a few days left to cast your vote for the best scientific art image on display at the ‘Living Colour’ exhibition in Brisbane.

Science geeks, art buffs and anyone with an eye for beauty of a scientific nature can visit the exhibition and jump online to select their favourite winning image.

The images are currently on display for public viewing on the walls of the Collector’s Cafe at the Queensland Museum and Science Centre until the 29th August and the votes are building up.

Voting for your favourite image costs nothing and will earn one science and art fan the chance to win themselves and the artist/photographer the prize of an iPad when the draw closes on the 29th.

Director of the Eskitis Institute, Professor Ron Quinn AM, said the exhibition shows how beauty can be found in the most unlikely places, but it’s not all just about aesthetics.

“These images give us an extraordinary insight into how our cells work and what happens when they malfunction.”Professor Quinn said.

“Visualisation of processes within cells and tissues is an important technique and a key step to understanding disease biology,” he said.

Griffith University’s Eskitis Institute scientific photography competition is held every year and is open to both staff and students.

The exhibition is the collation of the best scientific images from the past five yearsof the competition.