New anatomy lab puts Griffith students on top

Anatomy facility manager, Gino Cepon
Anatomy facility manager, Gino Cepon

Almost all the work a health professional or student undertakes centres on the human body, so an understanding of anatomy is essential.

At the top of Griffith Health’s new building on the Gold Coast campus is Queensland’s most advanced anatomy facility, catering for researchers, students and professionals needing to acquire new skills.

The new anatomy teaching laboratories will have an increased student capacity with the 3 wet labs being able to cater for up to 300 students at one time.

Surgery training

The area also includes a 10 table surgical skills laboratory, fitted out with surgical lights, camera and hydraulically operated surgical tables. This room was designed in response to the increasing number of allied health professionals wishing to undertake commercial and workshop activities.

The 90 seat Histology / Pathology lab will be fitted out with a combination of large LCD screens, microscopes and computers and will allow for the varied teaching styles offered.

Anatomy Library

The 50 seat Anatomy and Pathology learning centre is also a welcome new addition and will allow for anatomy students to access teaching material outside of scheduled class times. This room will be set up like a library, but instead of getting a book off the shelf, students will be able to access potted anatomy and pathology teaching specimens, skeletal material, models and text books.

As always the Anatomy facility will operate as a service provider for all Griffith Health elements wishing to undertake human anatomy teaching and will be kept ship-shape by Mark Forwood and Gino Cepon.

Body Donation

At the same time as the new labs are being opened the school will also be unveiling a new memorial sculpture at the Gold Coast, Southport Lawn Cemetery in recognition of the School of Anatomy donors and their families.

Griffith has a strong and very respectful Body donation program and all enquiries can be directed to the Anatomy Support Officer on 5552 7700.