It’s never too late to return to study

Bachelor of Science graduate, Edna Carmi-Jones

Edna Carmi-Jones came late to studying at university, but she has more than made up for lost time.

This week, sixty-one year old Edna was awarded her Bachelor of Science degree with a Mathematics Major.

Edna always liked maths at high school and fully intended to go to university, but somehow life took over. She found herself busy doing other things, such as running businesses and raising a family. Finally, the opportunity came in 2009 when Edna was 57.

“I took a Pure Mathematics course at TAFE to test my ability to study after such a long time,” Edna said.

“It was ‘fun’ and ledtomy doing a science degree.”

While Edna prepares to return to the workforce she ponders why so many people shy away from maths.

“The basis of mathematics is not really difficult, once you learn the tools and apply them” Edna said.

“It takes patience and determination, just like any other subject, but many people become afraid of maths at an early age and so it becomes a phobia.”

An extended break from learning was not the only hurdle Edna had to overcome on her path to further study.

“Doing this was a huge challenge for me. Not only taking this on as a mature age student, but English is a second language for me. I also had a major health scare to contend with. So over all, I am really pleased to have done so well.”

She says her family and friends have provided great support and are proud of the path she has chosen. And Edna has this advice for others who may be thinking of returning to study.

“I have had a fantastic experience and I would encourage anyone of any age to think about studying,” she said.

“Mature age students can achieve results as good as younger students. And apart from a BSc qualification, I have improved my overall life-long skills and I enjoyed working with young people while studying this degree.”

Griffith is launching a new comprehensive Bachelor of Science degree program on the Nathan and Gold Coast campuses in 2014. The new Bachelor of Science program will complement existing offerings in Environment, Information Technology and Health, and will allow a high level of flexibility for students to mix and match majors to suit their particular interests. Learn more at the New Griffith Open Day 2013.