Great projects awarded ARC Linkage grants

By Vice Chancellor Professor Ian O’Connor

We are very happy to report that Griffith has been awarded five ARC Linkage Project grants for 2013. My warmest congratulations to the following successful applicants:

Professor Ross Homel, Professor Neil Dempster, Professor Clare Tilbury and Dr Matthew Manning who were awarded $449,430 for their project “Creating the conditions for collective impact: Transforming the child serving system in disadvantaged communities”.

Professor Jane Hughes, Dr Mark Kennard and Dr Nick Bond who secured $381,678 for their project“Have we already lost the Australian Lungfish?”

Professor Melanie Zimmer-Gembeck and Dr Dianne Shanley who have been awarded $282,000 for their project“Empowering and protecting children by enhancing knowledge, skills and well-being: A randomised trial of Learn to BE SAFE with EmmyTM”

Dr Tim Pietsch, Dr Justine Kemp and Professor Jon Olley who were awarded $205,000 for their project“Kiacatoo Man: biology, archaeology and environment at the Last Glacial Maximum”.

Associate Professor Sharyn Rundle-Thiele and Dr Cheryl Leo who have secured $162,810 for “Advancing Prevention Science: Application of Social Marketing to Change the Drinking Culture of Young Australians”.

We hope you will join with us in warmly congratulating our new Linkage Project awardees. Griffith has secured a total of $1,480,918 this year. Griffith’s success rate for this round is 29.4 per cent.